Discount for NYWC 2013

National Youth Worker’s Convention 2013

This year’s NYWCs take place in San Diego, CA and Nashville, TN. As part of our relationship with Youth Specialties, we have gotten a discount code for this year’s event.

Use Discount Code UMCGBOD at checkout to receive a rate of $249 per person–a savings of up to $130 off the regular individual rate!

Feel free to share this code with Youth Leaders in your networks.

United Methodist Gatherings at NYWC 2013

Nashville: Plans are in the works to provide a lunch gathering on Saturday, Nov 23 at the United Methodist Publishing House. The Publishing House is right across the street from the new convention center, an easy walk and chance to mingle directly with other UMs at the event. More details to come!

San Diego: We will continue to try and host a dessert on either Friday or Saturday night. More details to come!

About NTC Youth

Developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world. Ministry of, by and for the youth of the North Texas Conference of the United Methdist Church.
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One Response to Discount for NYWC 2013

  1. Erin says:

    Thanks for sharing this discount code! :)

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